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You will make better decisions.

Scorpio March Horoscope

A new direction of greater service will give greater financial rewards as each month of passes. Work areas that may be important have to do with studying, traveling, computers, electronics. Areas of knowledge and information. This will prove to be worthwhile.

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What you want to happen in the future must now be built and that building is done via literal, established and somewhat traditional routes. You have the intellectual resources and capabilities that you can use to strengthen and improve your tangible assets. Prepare to build a foundation this year that will continue to grow over the coming years. You are very eager to learn. You talk a lot, you can adapt and change quickly. Ambitious, you apply all your energy to achieve your goals and your combativeness keeps you going no matter what. Seeing some dramatic change in is the area of friendships, important alliances and all kinds of personal goals, ideals and missions that can be shared, Leo.

This is a terrific new period where fresh faces along with unique ideas and thoughts are a constant reality in your day to day life. With three lunar eclipses ahead the realms of personal dreams and friendships is touched in May, then the energy moves to dreams and memories and nostalgia in June and finally to passion close to home in November.

Making this year super special is a total eclipse if the sun in December which brings deeply important heart connections, new creative possibilities and plenty of feelings into play. The relationship thing so energized over the last several years continues to see some positive input with far more emphasis on instant attractions and affairs if the heart.

A new love could be on the menu for the year ahead, with, naturally, the most surprising twist to it. With all the fireworks and dramatics that have made up this important part of your life recently this year can see the culmination of many things that have been offered but never quite materialized. As mentioned above this part of your life continues to roll on dramatically.

New alliances and the return of old loves from the past are all part of the potentials. This entire period that has reached back as far as 6 years has slowly, and sometimes not so slowly, been reworking how you approach love, what you want from it, what you need from it on the very deepest levels.

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Fireworks without substance seldom last long as you move towards a more fulfilling, more complete attitude and awareness around intimacy. With a Venus retrograde adding flavor and intensity in October and November in Scorpio to boot you can expect early fall to see some dynamic, exciting and potentially life-changing moments arriving. Search for:. Skip to content Stay grounded and you'll be able to work your magic!

With all of these planets occupying your house of social networking and making strong harmonies with futuristic Uranus, you can share your ideas and content in a way that reaches a large audience. The best day to share your art or whatever you want! This can also be a cute day to go on a date somewhere new or different, since your relationships are evolving now, too. Things at work are really changing for you, dear Sagittarius. Virgo highlights the tip-top of your chart, the house of fame and legacy, and as all of these planets harmonize with rebellious Uranus, you can approach your work in a new, refreshed way Money planet Venus creates a strong harmony with taskmaster Saturn, progressing you toward your goals regarding investments or having a structured budget.

Growth comes in unexpected ways—discipline, creativity, and faith. The new moon in Virgo on August 30 really puts you in a back-to-school mindset, getting your acorns harvested and organized for the winter. This is a good time to make plans for how you want to move into fall, which will bring your career into prominence. Think about your mission statement and elevator pitch, and how you can make it spicy and true to yourself.

You can learn new ideas and new things about yourself! Finding new ways to support yourself is a process. Customer care 10am — 6pm, India. Therefore, the Leo man Cancer woman love compatibility may witness varied emotions depending on how they keep up to the relationship. The Fire element in the fifth sign of the zodiac depicts the nature of being aggressive, furious, enthusiastic and spontaneous.

He also tends to be very brave and courageous. The Water element in the female Cancer depicts her nature of being adaptable, ever flowing and swerving in her behaviour, just like water itself. The Leo man is very outspoken, bold, and full of energy. He is a zealous person and quite ambitious as well. Apart from that he is also trustworthy and faithful as an individual. The Cancer woman is quite sensitive and compassionate in her persona.

She is empathetic and emotionally strong as a person.

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She is also very caring and affectionate. Thus, it may not take much time for the Leo man Cancer woman compatibility to reach a stage where they become a congenial love match. Leo Man And Cancer Woman: The Love Affair A very interesting love connection is observed between Leo and Cancer love match where even though they are quite compatible in nature, there are certain aspects that do create issues in their love life. The Leo man is someone who shows a lot of pride, just how a lion does.

Scorpio 2020 Horoscope

But this love match together can act as each others strength and grow together as a very strong couple. A lot of peace, affection and patience is needed to get to such a stage in their relation together. Both of them have to make equal offerings and surrender themselves to attain complete understanding of one another.

The Cancer female gets pretty intrigued by the Leo male, who is very warm-hearted, unstinting and a charming person. He emits a vibe which cannot be resisted.


The Leo man also finds the Cancer woman a beautiful, elegant and a trustworthy individual and connects well with her. Initially, these two zodiac star signs will form a great bond with a lot of interest. After some years, the scenario may change and inspite of a lot of love involved, he will try to dominate the relationship as is his character, with a lot of self-esteem and dignity, which may create a distance in the Leo man and Cancer woman love compatibility.

There may be differences in their opinions, but both of them, especially the Cancer woman will try to adjust and see if things between them can be sorted out for good. The Leo man is someone who holds a lot of pride, though he is kind and sensible in general, he likes things to work out his way. So much beauty and variety in these hard stones. Another wondrous natural Earth material. Like I said before this weekend is all Capricorn energy. The hardware store was busy yesterday and it will continue today.

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  • We have building energy of shocking news or sped up minds with an early aspect tomorrow of Mercury opposite Uranus. Wisdom here is to try, may be challenging, to have patience. To find the calm in the storm. Other wisdom is to be the one to tell someone else shocking news….

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    Capricorn brings a sober tone to our lives, the emphasis is on staying on track, lasting the course and laying foundations for our next moves. There are strong Saturnian influences in our skies this year and next and life can feel like something of a grind at times. Slow, powerful change is taking place within the container of time that Saturn represents. Hunker down, we are going places.