Cancer cancer compatibility cusp

People belonging to Gemini Cancer cusp are born on or between June 19 and June These people are extremely loving and caring towards the people with whom they are associated either in their professional domain or in their relation.

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They can do great works but do not boast about their achievements rather people talk about them and praise for their qualities. Highly emotional nature is reflected in their consistent yearning for proximate relation with their beloved and family members.

Cancer ♋ / Leo ♌ Cusp

They are often inspired and motivated by any small thing or event. However, they tend to flow with enjoyment and pleasurable activities and this can often distract them from their aim.

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They need to be careful with their emotions as any negative emotion can be very counter-effective for them. They like good food and entertainment activities and these people always remain young at heart, irrespective of their age.

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They have a perfect blend of being flirtatious, romantic and caring. Home is their favorite place where they feel security and happiness.

For instance, the sensitive and loving Cancer together with the compelling and zealous Leo in them makes a great leader to support a drive they strongly believe in. People who are born on the cusp of Cancer and Leo are ambiverts. The extroverted Leo in them loves to mingle, they find enjoyment in meeting new faces, and they are thrilled to be invited to social gatherings, whereas the introverted Cancer in them loathes even the slightest idea of having to communicate with humans as they curse whoever invented parties.

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Cancerians, despite avoiding social interaction, have no difficulty interacting with people they connect with emotionally. Cancer-Leo cuspians have a unique way of viewing life—the Cancer in them is known to be a romanticist whereas the Leo in them is often realistic. These traits tend to shape them into humble achievers—they accept defeat and regard them as lessons for improvement, and success for them do not cause them to settle, instead they use it as motivation to achieve more.

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On the not-so-positive side, Cancerians tend to be the jealous type and their minds often drift to scenarios that are unlikely to happen, hence constant assurance is a need for them, but worry not because a simple utterance of your love for them would suffice. They love taking care of people and would go the extra mile just to show how important you are to them.

They usually do this in abstract ways—writing you a poem, packing your lunch with post-it love notes, and remembering important dates. Leo, on the other hand, has a whole different way of showing you how they love and care about you—usually by means of tangible things such as buying you a new pair of shoes, taking you out on a trip, showering you with flowers and chocolates. Leo however, expects to lead the relationship and do not take being told what to do lightly.

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Cancer-Leo cuspers try their best to create balance between them especially when they find themselves in situations where one sign rules over the other. When this happens, they prefer to deal with it alone, so best keep your distance. However, do let them know that you are still emotionally available for them, this makes them feel less guilty of their need to distance themselves from you.