Full moon in aquarius astrology

The focus is on your health and your mental health. Take a moment to heal and put the focus on your wellness. Your focus is on friendships.

Aquarius Full Moon: Lunar Astrology 12222

Although interestingly, by focusing on friendships, you might find romance after all. Time to reap the rewards of your labor, Scorpio.

You might find yourself particularly under the spotlight or receiving advancement in your career. This Full Moon in Aquarius is particularly good for you, Sagittarius, as the energy resonates very strongly with your natural energy. This is a time of intellectual breakthrough, thanks to your capacity to switch perspectives and look at things from afar. You have a strong capacity to manifest your desires at this time.

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As long as you put your mind to it, the universe supports you. Money moves, Capricorn. You might find yourself worried about money, and if you are, listen to this: In order to earn, keep, and grow, you need to let go. Any earning is always associated with a loss. When you choose an action or a path, you inevitably give up on another option or path.

So, let go! Love might be on the program for you, Aquarius. Give and take balance is a big one for you under this Full Moon in Aquarius, so adjust as necessary. This Full Moon in Aquarius is creating a lot of intuitive hits for you, Pisces.

Full Moon in Aquarius August 15, 2019 - Gregory Scott Astrology

You might find yourself even more perceptive than usual, so listen to these quiet voices. The focus is on retrieving your balance and getting rid of any negative habits that prevent you from achieving your goals. What do the stars have in store for you this year? Uranus, the ruler of this lunation, is also retrograde in Taurus , bringing strokes of genius and flashes of insight that can feel like lightbulbs going off over our heads. We may not know how we know things—we just do.

And in Taurus, this special knowledge is likely to come through our bodies, the energy in objects, or the natural world. Which should we trust: our own reason and intellect, or the intuition that hits us like a lightning bolt from above? Your birth chart is the key to understanding your astrological nature. At the time of this full moon, retrograde Neptune in Pisces will be exactly trine the north node in Cancer.

Full Moon August – Star-Crossed Lovers – Astrology King

Important insights about our destiny, evolution, and spiritual growth are flowing in right now. No drama, Aquarius?

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A family situation is challenging you to cultivate your emotional intelligence—and the only way out is in. Headstrong, or heart-centered? When it comes to leadership styles, Aries , those are your options—and by now, you probably know which one is more effective. So why not put it on the back burner for now? Learning should be fun, Gemini. But even social learners like you need to buckle down and hit the books once in a while. A solitary deep dive into the subject of your choice could make you a bona fide expert—and even better, help you understand your own mind.

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Your cup overfloweth, Cancer! You were born to stand out, Leo! Not fit for public consumption? We get it, Libra —sometimes socializing feels too much like a performance.